Time Alone EP

by Rob Sproul-Cran

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released February 18, 2017


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Rob Sproul-Cran Berlin, Germany

Rob Sproul-Cran is a Musician and Composer.

He recently moved to Berlin, where he writes and performs, as well as busks to hone his craft.

He spent some years in Edinburgh, where he played at The Liquid Room, The Ark and Princes St Gardens, among others. He has just realised his debut EP.
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Track Name: The Last Waltz
You know you're yet to hurt me,
Though I know that day will come.
Or maybe you'll beat me to it
And wish it be undone.

We'll drift apart like continents
And glide serene,
'Til rifts or little tremors
Conspire to break us free.

Only time will heal us now.

So I'll meet you in the middle
At the bottom of the sea,
And we'll slowly dance our last waltz
Under that bright blue canopy.

Only time will heal us now.
Only time will heal us now.
Track Name: Streetlights
Cartwheel down the road,
My senorita smiles, and I’m weightless.
A utopian charade,
We both know it’s hopeless.

Trapped by cold suburbia,
The sensibilities I lack.
And when I leave her,
We both know I won’t be back.

The city simmers silently,
The streets devoid of cars,
Blanketed in sodium,
Which substitutes for stars

The light of lost souls lingers on,
Reminds us who we are,
Their hope, distilled, still glimmers on,
Like glow-worms in a jar.

LED’s blink stories at me,
They lull me with monotony.
And I drift into apathy,
Embrace my anonymity.

The fragile fuzz of neon flickers,
Frames me like a post-it sticker.
The skin of passers by fluoresces,
As they search for incandescence.
Track Name: I See Stars
Stars burst, fill eyes with wonder.
Frost-bitten fingers
reach out to hold
the light, as the sky's wrenched asunder,
and falls, searing through the cold.

And I see stars

There's a mountain-shaped gap
in a canopy so riddled with stars
that it glows dull grey.
And across the black hole
pin-pricks of light are slowly
making their way.

I see stars.
Track Name: The Day He Died
In stolen moments
When memories you forgot you had
Come bubbling to mind
Out of sight
Or so you thought

But I saw you cry
The day he died

You curse the name
But your embrace tells another tale
Of second thoughts
And lost time

And I saw you cry
The day he died

Broken bones belie the smile
A shattered polaroid as you lie
Bathed in light
Reflected by
The shards of a life

And I saw you cry
The day he died
Track Name: Time Alone
Let’s be friends, we said, let’s stay in touch,
But it doesn’t seem that amounts to much.
I know it’s not fair to expect the same,
For us to carry on like nothing’s changed.

I think I need a little time
To remind myself you’re no longer mine,
And I need to stop, and tell myself
You don’t belong to me or anyone else.

So that every time that I transgress
You’re indifferent, and that’s fine,
I guess.
But I miss the time you needed me
And I must content myself with being free.

So I need to re-adjust my mind
To separate your thoughts from mine.
I need some time to let you go,
And for that, I think, I should be alone.

So good luck, God bless,
hope you’ll be alright,
And I’ll see you in another life.

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